Heron's Landing
The Spirit of Co-op and Consignment


What is Co-op?

Co-op is a relationship. It's a relationship between two non-competitive businesses that join together to increase sales and exposure. It's the sharing of location, resources, and customers. Heron's wants to build that relationship with you.


What is Consignment?

Consignment is also a relationship - a sales relationship. It's placing your product(s) in Heron's store to be sold. You retain ownership until the product(s) are sold — and Heron's does the work for you.

What are the Benefits?

  • Access to Heron's customers
  • Opportunity to develop new customer base
  • Mon-Fri customer volumes average 2,800 / 1,300 over the weekend
  • DOT drive-by traffic volume (Fri-Sat-Sun) is 22,600+
  • Free promotion of your products / services

What can Heron's offer you?

  • 18' x 24' concrete pad and 19' x 26' grass area directly alongside the store (one onsite)
  • 18' x 24' roadside grass spaces (three onsite) and 18' x 16' roadside grass spaces (two onsite)
  • Prime drive-by visibility on Rt. 20
  • 110 electric access
  • Water access
  • Ample parking
  • Secure overnight storage
  • Equipment rental / marketing collateral (tents, chairs, flyers, etc.)
  • Promotion via active media (website / Facebook)
  • Heron's will display your POS signage
  • (Consignment sales) Heron's will sell your product in-store if space is available

Daily rate or full-season arrangements are available.

Contact Amy at (716) 549-5032 for additional information and space availability.


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